Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cheesy Broc Star Soup

Per Serving (entire recipe): 3 Points+125 calories, 5.75g fat, 796mg sodium, 11.5g carbs, 2g fiber, 4.5g sugars, 7g protein

The recipe:

It definitely feels good to be back writing my blog again.  I have so many recipes to review and notes to go through, that I should be busy for a while!  This soup I actually whipped up for dinner last night.  My husband is sick, so I was in the need of something quick and easy that I knew the kids would like.  Cream of broccoli soup has always been a favorite, so when I saw this email a while back, I made sure to print it up and set it aside. 

Usually, I make a cream of broccoli soup with reduced-fat Velveeta, milk, fat-free cheese, and of course, broccoli - but it is still not as low in calories as I would like it to be.  This recipe is only 125 calories for a bowl - a definite bargain!  While my three-year-old was intent on having cereal and a banana for dinner, I made myself a bowl of soup to share with my one-year-old.  I let the three-year old try a bite, and he then proceeded to tell me that he needed his own bowl.  The nice thing about this recipe is that it takes very little time to make, so I quickly made him another bowl.  And since you blend the broccoli-cheese mixture with cold soy milk (at least mine was cold), it cools it down to a kid-friendly temperature.  No need to wait forever for the soup to cool after blending it.  Just eliminate the final step of microwaving it to get it hot again and it will be a nice warm temperature for little ones.

I ended up blending the soup for about 15 seconds or so, until there were only a few little chunks left.  If I were making it strickly for myself, I might add even more broccoli to it and leave it chunkier.  This soup was a hit with the kids.  The three-year old ate his entire bowl, and the one-year old ate the majority of my bowl.  I ended up having to make myself a veggie burger later because I had hardly eaten any of the soup myself! 

I will definitely be making this again.  It has only three ingredients, take less than 5 minutes to make, and is cheesy and delicious.  A win, win, win situation!

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  1. If only I could eat broccoli without getting a stomach ache. Sigh. Really sounds good.