Monday, September 19, 2011

Cool 'n Creamy Fruit Soup

Per Serving (½ recipe, about 1 cup): 3 Points+
115 calories, <0.5g fat, 57mg sodium, 19g carbs, 1g fiber, 13.5g sugars, 8.5g protein

The recipe: "Hungry Girl 1-2-3", page 197

Why this isn't just called a smoothie is beyond me.  I find it very strange that Hungry Girl recommends eating this as a "soup", when in reality it is just a smoothie.  I put mine in a bowl for the picture, but after a few spoonfuls, I felt foolish and just put it in a glass.  I shared the other serving with my two-year-old (in a cup!), and he enjoyed drinking it. 

I, on the other hand, didn't finish my serving.  I wasn't all that impressed with the flavor, and I know I can make a better tasting smoothie than this one.  This smoothie had a slightly tangy taste because of the grapefruit, but combined with strawberries and yogurt, it gave the smoothie an odd taste.  For the grapefruit, I cheated a little and used a jar of already peeled and sliced grapefruit in juice, even though we already had fresh grapefruit at home.  It was just easier - so sue me! :)  I also used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze instead of vanilla soymilk.  It generally has less calories than soymilk, and I like the flavor better.  However, I don't think these two minor changes would make the flavor much different.

I will not be making this again.  To me, it didn't have that great of a flavor, and there are much better alternatives out there for smoothies - I mean, "fruit soup".

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