Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fiesta-Time Chicken Flautas

Per Serving (1/2 of recipe, 2 flautas): 4 Points+
188 calories, 2g fat, 556mg sodium, 24.5g carbs, 3g fiber, 4g sugars, 17g protein

The recipe:

One of my favorite recipes is Hungry Girl's Exploding Taquitos, and since I enjoyed those so much, I figured this recipe might be even better.  Instead of canned chicken, it uses chopped up grilled chicken breast.  It also uses spices such as cayenne pepper and cumin, instead of pre-packaged taco seasoning.  I usually prefer to use fresh items instead of canned.

I cheated a little again and used the precooked packaged chicken breast from the deli section at Costco.  Not exactly freshly cooked chicken, but still much better than canned.  I am becoming a little obsessed with that chicken, by the way.  It makes it so easy to make a huge salad and add 3 ounces of chicken breast for protein (and only 110 calories!).

These flautas turned out very yummy.  And they didn't explode like the Exploding Taquitos did!  I'm not sure why they are called flautas, though, since I always thought flautas were made with flour tortillas, and taquitos were made with corn tortillas.  Whatever.  These were good nonetheless.  They had a nice amount of spiciness to them from the cayenne pepper, but not so much where it was overpowering.  I really liked the spices on the chicken, and everything tasted great together.  I dipped mine in salsa for even more flavor.  Yum!

Since I am now getting used to counting calories instead of tracking points, I couldn't eat very many of these for dinner to stay within my alloted calories.  I had three flautas and also made a salad.  Later, I went running for 30 minutes on the treadmill (I only have time to run at 9pm at night), and I woke up VERY hungry in the morning.  Perhaps not enough food for dinner!  These make a perfect appetizer, but for a meal, you would definitely have to eat more than just two.  My husband ate 5, with sour cream and salsa as a dip, plus a salad, and said he was plenty full. 

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