Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exploding Chicken Taquitos

Per Serving (2 taquitos): 5 Points+
197 calories, 2.5g fat, 594mg sodium, 22.5g carbs, 3g fiber, 2g sugars, 20.5g protein 

The recipe: "Hungry Girl 1-2-3", page 246 - 247

This recipe is yet another one of my HG favorites, and this is the second time I am making it.  They are pretty easy to make, have a great flavor, and everyone in my family likes them.  Although it uses canned chicken, which sounds kind of gross, the flavor of the filling is delicious.  It is the perfect combination of chicken, salsa, and cheese, and the canned chicken gives it the right texture.  My main complaint is that the recipe only makes 8 of them! 

One thing I decided to test out this time was whether or not it was necessary to place toothpicks in each one to hold them together, as her directions state.  I made four with toothpicks and four without to see if it made any difference.  It didn't appear to effect how much they exploded (and yes, they do explode - especially if you cook them longer) or whether or not they rolled apart while cooking.  So, my conclusion about the toothpicks is that it is an unnecessary step, so skip it. 

The other thing that I attempted to do this time was to make them as nice looking as the HG photo.  The first time I made these, they definitely exploded.  The filling was oozing out the bursted middle of the taquitos, and they definitely did not look pretty.  This time, I made sure to buy as fresh of corn tortillas as possible, and sprayed them well with non-stick spray.  I even heated up four at a time in the microwave (instead of all 8), so they were nice and warm and pliable when I rolled them up.  I also made sure not to overcook them.  I waited until they were only lightly golden brown, yet still crispy.  These things seemed to make a big difference, since, as you can see, only a few of them exploded, and not that badly at that.

I made my husband and I a salad to go along with the taquitos, but he did complain that he was still hungry after eating four of them (2 servings).  He then proceeded to make two more small bean and cheese soft tacos with the remaining corn tortillas.  Next time I will have to double the recipe.  I, myself, had two servings, since it is really hard to stop at just two of them.  So, if you do not have many points left for the day, this is not the best meal to make.  It is not very filling, and you will most likely want to eat at least four of them since they are so good, which is 10 points+.  If you decide to dip them in sour cream, that will add yet another point.  I dipped mine in salsa for 0 points, which tasted great.  I will definitely be repeating this recipe again in the future, since it was a winner two times in a row.

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