Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Darn you, Easter candy!

I should start by saying that I love chocolate.  I have very little willpower when it is around.  For this reason, I rarely keep any in the house, and will generally satisfy my chocolate craving with a Healthy Choice Fudge Bar, or anything else that comes in an individual serving size.  Unfortunately for me, it seems as though Easter has become a chocolate holiday.  My two-year-old son received about 5 Easter baskets this year - one from the Easter bunny, one from the daycare bunny, one from the little-girl-at-daycare bunny, one from the Grandma bunny, and another from the aunt-and-uncle bunny.  Needless to say, there is no way a 2-year-old can consume that much candy and chocolate.  The Easter bunny (my husband and I, of course) was nice enough to provide him with just a little bit of candy and a few toys.  All of the other bunnies, however, apparently thought he did not get enough chocolate from the Easter bunny, and therefore had to compensate with extra amounts of chocolate and candy.  My 5-month-old even got baskets with loads of candy from all the other bunnies, too.

I pretty much threw my healthy eating habits out the window all weekend.  It all started at my grandfather's funeral on Friday.  My Dad and my aunt ordered way too many sandwiches for the reception afterward, so I found myself taking a whole platter home (and some brownies, too - not a good idea on my part!).  Although the sandwiches were not too unhealthy, they were still probably about 8 points for each half, and I had quite a few over the weekend.  Then, Easter happened.  I followed my 2-year-old's lead and ate candy and chocolate for the majority of my meals.  I told myself it was just one day, and since my weigh-in that morning wasn't that bad (I gained a pound and a half, but I had an unusually low weigh-in the week before since I hadn't been eating much at all) I justified that it was okay. 

Then Monday came.  I was determined to eat better, and even made a Hungry Girl dinner of spaghetti pie.  The only thing was, I was still finishing up those darn sandwiches, so my lunch was higher points than usual.  Then, I made the spaghetti pie with real noodles instead of the Shiritaki noodles, which caused it to be more points than usual.  I was already maxed out, and ended up going over my daily points with chocolate egg candies - one after another.  My plan was to limit myself to 5 candies.  They are each 1 point+ a piece, so I figured that wouldn't be too damaging.  Well, I had those 5 candies, but I wanted more later on in the evening.  I eventually lost track, and ended up extending my weekend of binging into Monday, something I never do! 

So, today is Tuesday.  I have so far eaten oatmeal, Fiber One yogurt, coffee and a banana for a total of 6 points+.  For snack I have Kashi crackers and strawberries for 3 points+, and for lunch I have leftover spaghetti pie, fruit, crackers, and a Fiber One Bar for 10 points+.  That leaves me with 24 points for dinner and dessert.  I am hoping it is not too many points to open up the chocolate floodgates.  Sometimes I feel like my 43 daily points are too many for me.  I end up with excess at the end of the day, and usually fill my extra points with extra dessert.  And, since I get those extra points because I am nursing, I should really be eating more healthy foods instead of just more dessert.  I do eat a lot of fruit throughout the day, though, so I can probably safely stay below my daily points limit without it affecting my nursing.  So, tonight I will try my best to not eat any chocolate and will stick with my Healthy Choice Fudge Bar instead.  Wish me luck!

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