Monday, April 11, 2011


As I have said before, this is my third time doing Weight Watchers, and is hopefully the last.  I am excited about losing the weight this time, especially since I know I will not be getting pregnant again and can lose the baby weight once and for all (my husband has already gotten "fixed" so we don't have to worry about any accidents - or blessings, however you want to look at it). 

I have recently lost some of the motivation I had when first starting WW this time.  I got down to 158 pounds after 10 weeks of continuous weight loss.  I guess I got a little overconfident in my weight loss, because it was then that I got lazy with the food journaling.  Actually, I didn't do any journaling for the next two weeks.  Not surprisingly, I gained a few of the pounds back, and found myself back up to 161.5 at the end of those two weeks.  I didn't even feel as though I had been eating poorly.  I think it was just that some of my poor eating habits were creeping back - such as finishing the last few bites off of my toddler's plate (I wouldn't want to waste any food, now would I?), not measuring portion sizes, and having a late-night snack before bed. 

I guess I am fortunate the damage was only three and a half pounds.  I am just really disappointed in myself that I was back in the 160's after I was so sure that I would never see those numbers again.  Instead of giving up, I took a fresh look at my eating habits, and began food journaling in detail again.  I started reading a ton of weight loss and food blogs for inspiration.  I even decided to start writing this blog - partly because I thought it would be fun, but also to hold myself accountable in my weight loss journey. 

Now, after a week of being back on plan, I weighed in at 159.5 this morning. Hopefully this time I can stay in the 150's and keep moving towards the 140's.  I never want to see the 160's again!  Once I get down to my goal weight of 145, I figure that will be enough of a cushion to be able to make that happen.  I was in the 160's when I got pregnant with my first child, and feel like I keep getting stuck at that weight.  I think once I make it over this hump, I will mentally feel as though I can do this!

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