Friday, July 1, 2011

Rockin' Creamy Broc 'N Chicken

Per Serving (1/2 of recipe): 6 Points+
277 calories, 5.5g fat, 722mg sodium, 21.5g carbs, 7g fiber, 6.5g sugars, 34.5g protein

The recipe: "300 under 300", pages 334 - 335

This recipe reminded me more of a chicken pasta primavera dish since it had not only broccoli, but also bell pepper and mushrooms in it.  It was definitely nice and creamy, and I did not feel like I was eating a low-fat dish at all.  This was another dish that used House Foods Tofu Shirataki noodles, which I cannot stand.  Here is my post explaining all about why, and the substitution ratio for regular noodles, if you choose to substitute.

I doubled the recipe so there would be four servings instead of just two.  Good thing I did - my husband liked it so much that he ate more than two servings all on his own!  I would definitely make this again.  I have been looking for a recipe to replace the fattier version of a similar one I used to make.  I used alfredo sauce with my chicken/veggie/pasta mix, though, which is MUCH more fattening than this version.  This recipe was just as creamy and delicious, and much healthier as well.

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