Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mississippi Mug Pie

Per Serving (entire recipe): 7 Points+
233 calories, 5g fat, 588mg sodium, 45.5g carbs, 2.75g fiber, 19g sugars, 6.5g protein

The recipe:

Sometimes when I go on a hunt for a recipe on the Hungry Girl website, I end up finding more recipes that I really want to make.  That is how I found this yummy, gooey, chocolate mud pie.  I was searching for the recipe for the Expresso Cake in a Mug I reviewed yesterday, when this recipe came up.  It looked sooo good!  I again happened to have all of the ingredients for it at home already, so I made it right after the kids went to bed. 

This dessert came out great.  A warm, gooey, chocolatey pile of goodness!  I even added a little spoonful of Cool Whip on top for an extra treat.  Yum!  However, I prefer the Expresso Cake in a Mug, both for flavor and for calorie amount.  This cake has 233 calories, while the espresso cake had 147 (and was only 4 points+).  This was more gooey and pudding like, where the espresso cake made me feel like I was being bad and eating cake.  :)  Next time I am in the mood for a chocolatey dessert, I will probably make the espresso cake, but this one definitely gets an honorable mention for being so gooey.  Try both and enjoy (just not at the same time)!

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