Friday, June 24, 2011

Floosh's Stuffed Cabbage

Per Serving (1/7th of recipe, 2 cabbage rolls with sauce): 6 Points+
242 calories, 6.5g fat, 610mg sodium, 30.5g carbs, 3g fiber, 22g sugars, 18g protein

The recipe: "300 under 300", pages 198 - 199

This is another winner of a recipe!  I have never really had stuffed cabbage before, but it is one of my husband's favorite dishes, so I decided to try this out.  This recipe was adapted from HG's mom, Floosh - hence the name of the recipe.  Like HG, my husband grew up eating his mom's version of stuffed cabbage - which was probably also loaded with fat and calories.  This recipe is much lower in calories and fat, but it still has six points for only two small stuffed cabbage rolls.  Not much food for the points in my opinion, but much better than the full-fat version, I'm sure.

The sauce for the cabbage was to die for!  It had the perfect amount of sweetness, and went great with the meat filling in the cabbage.  I would never have thought to use cranberry sauce and blackberry jam in a tomato sauce, but it really worked well here.  I only wish the sauce was a little thicker.  It was so good, but was hard to mop up with the small amount of filling that was in the cabbage leaves.  To remedy that, it might be good to eat these with a serving of rice so you can actually enjoy all of the sauce that is part of the serving.

Also, make sure you buy two cabbages if you can't find an extra-large one.  I wasn't sure how big an extra-large cabbage was, so I just got one cabbage.  I ended up running out of leaves, so I only made 10 stuffed cabbages instead of 14.  I made half of them the correct size and points, and the other half I doubled the filling and gave them to my husband to eat. 

Another note about making this recipe - I only ended up cooking the cabbages for 45 minutes instead of a full hour.  I might have had my heat on a little higher than was called for, or it could have been because I had only 10 cabbages and didn't have to stack the cabbages in the pot (I used a fairly wide pot), but it did not take an hour to cook these.  I would just play it by ear if you make these, and you can always cut one open if you are not sure if they are done.

We both really liked this recipe.  My husband said I can definitely make this again, which doesn't happen very often.  Yay!

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