Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Devil-icious Shrimp

Per Serving (¼th of recipe, about 1½ cups): 5 Points+
208 calories, 2.5g fat, 736mg sodium, 19g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 10.5g sugars, 26g protein

The recipe: Hungry Girl 1-2-3, page 65

The main thing that intrigued me about this recipe is that in it's description, HG says that this is one of her absolute favorite recipes in the book.  I think, specifically, she says she "loves, loves, loves, this recipe".  So, I took her word for it and decided to make it. 

To give her credit, the shrimp did have the perfect amount of spice in it.  However, I thought the recipe was a little bland (how something can be spicy but bland seems like a contradiction, but it was).  I added some salt to it to bring out the flavor, and that helped a little.  The problem was that the main flavor I tasted was stewed tomatoes, which I'm not a big fan of.  My husband, however, loved the recipe and said I could make it again.  I think this is the first time that my husband has liked something that I didn't!  He said he likes stewed tomatoes and shrimp, which is what this tasted like.

My original plan was to serve the shrimp over some brown rice, but once I made the dish, I realized it was more like an italian-style tomato sauce.  I cooked up some pasta and served the shrimp over that for an extra 5 points+.  With some parmesan cheese on top, it actually turned into a pretty good meal.  I think it definitely needs to be served over something, though - whether you serve it over pasta, rice, baked potato, or whatever is your choice.  Otherwise, it feels like you are just eating sauce.

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